Lightcube was initiated by Suraj Prasad and Anuj Malhotra in April 2012 with the intention to deeply investigate the cinematic traditions of the country and the world. To pursue its ambitions, Lightcube has organised close to three hundred and fifty single screenings across India in the eight years of its existence, designed and curated visual installations and exhibitions as well as organised five film festivals. Lightcube has published ten issues of a quarterly newspaper of visual culture called Umbra, which is subscribed by major media institutions across India as well as individuals. Lightcube has also published ten issues of online film criticism magazine called Projectorhead.

Lightcube aims to democratise exhibition, dissemination of visual storytelling and provide curatorial control to communities. We work towards creating participative cultural expressions and archive stories and mythologies that may help an individual have a sense of identity and dignity thereby empowering a new cultural paradigm

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